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Why is skip bag hire so expensive in Dublin?

If you have ever contemplated on hiring a professional skip bag service then you have discovered just like i did that it can cost a lot of money! Your regular 5-6 foot skip that people like to hire one a year can easily come in at €400. That is a very generous amount of money for a service that comes over drops the metal container off to you and then leaves it be until you fill it yourself. All they have to do is take it away, dump it somewhere in a recycling unit and that is business concluded right?

Well, if that is all you think needs to happen to get rid of your waste then no wonder you think it is expensive. You see, there is quite a bit of hassle and expenses involved in making sure your waste is disposed of the correct way. There are a lot of so called ‘cowboy’ skip bag companies in Dublin that simply collect your waste and dump it in the middle of a fields somewhere. This is known as ‘fly-tipping’ in the industry and is definitely illegal. To give you an idea of how your quote for the container delivery and collection is made I would like to take a look at some of the overheads involved for a typical skip bag hire company.

The skip wagon that is specifically made to drop off the container in tight and awkward spaces is definitely not cheap, they range anything from €30,000 to 75,000 for a better quality one. The container itself costs around €400-700 for a standard construction & residential unit use. Your vehicle, public liability and employer’s liability insurance come in at around €5,000+ whatever your employee number is. Next, we would have the wages for your office and truck drivers come in at around €30,000 a year on average, let’s not forget our yearly fuel expenses of about €25,000 depending on how many vehicles you are operating.

Last but not least the hefty landfill tax in Ireland, which is of course essential and perfectly fair at about €40 per ton. And this is just an overview of what is needed, we have not even touched the costs of buying recycling licences and office supplies etc. Once you have realised this, you will begin to see why you are easily charged €400 for a mere drop off and collection of a metal container. At this point the price should look a bit more fair and honest to you.

Best house cleaning advice for students and roomates

It is very important to keep house and apartment cleanliness in tip top shape when you are in college and are sharing accommodation with other people. This is often easier said than done simply because a lot of people will have different opinions and preferences when it comes to hygiene. However, no matter the personal preferences and opinions it is absolutely imperative that everyone cohabiting agrees on a set of standard rules in regards to common area cleaning.

Years and experience has shown that developing a routine and schedule for everyone to clean common areas on rotation tends to work best. You should agree on what needs to be done and who is doing it and how often, almost like a commercial cleaning company would run its client’s premises. It may also be a good idea to sign a time and date when the task was actually completed and if it was completed all together. If everyone agrees with the cleaning chores and schedule in advance this will save lots of time and headache arguing over these things in the future.

Hire a professional cleaner in Dublin to handle the housekeeping needs

We are all aware that student budgets can be low and housekeeping is not going to be something people will be keen to spend their money on. However, if you are living with 2 or 3 other people the cost of housekeeping can be surprisingly low. The usual 3 hour visit form a professional house cleaner in Dublin will cost you about 50-70 euros and split between 3-4 people once a week this is not something that will break the bank even for a student. Needless to say this investment repays great dividends when you realise that you no longer need to worry about any housekeeping or arguing with people who are not following the routine.

General housekeeping tips for students in Dublin

Everyone knows that students are extremely busy people, probably busier than adults most of the time. You have to go to your lectures, prepare for exams, work a part time job and find time to sleep. This can be difficult to fit in to a frame of 24 hours. Needless to say its the simple housekeeping chores that tend to be put away when it comes to time shortage. Here are some excellent tips for keeping your student accommodation clean and pleasant to stay in.

Clean up as you go!

You should definitely clean up after yourself as you go, no matter if its in common areas or your own room, as soon as something spills or stains just handle it then and there. If everyone did this on a regular basis, housekeeping time would be significantly reduced.

Cleaning tips for common areas

You should put in a rule in the bathrooms and kitchen to take all personal belongings and toiletries back to the room if possible. This will help reduce clutter and confusion. Hoover the carpeting and wash the floors on a regular basis! Heavy traffic areas like the stairs and the landing should be vacuumed at least once a week at the absolute rarest, spreading dirt over the floors is very easy and will build up very soon if ignored.